SMALL GRANTS STORIES : Setamaglia Confection

COVID-19 Response / Articles / 16-08-2022

As long as we are alive and well, this company will be too!

My brothers and I first came together to sustain this textile company in 2005, when we were just employees.

At that time, the previous owner had decided to shut down the company’s knitting factory, putting our jobs and those of our 250 colleagues in jeopardy. My two brothers and I, however, saw an opportunity: Betting on our production chain expertise and strong client relationships, we bought the company and relaunched it.

In 2020, we encountered another challenge. We almost went out of business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which took a toll on many of our clients, pushing them to delay or cancel payments

To weather the crisis, we applied to the COVID-19 Enterprise Recovery Fund established by the U.S. government as part of its USAID Tunisia JOBS program. The grant funds helped cover some of our fixed costs, enabling us to restart our business– and press forward – once again."

Fethi Khelil, Co-owner of Setamaglia Confection


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