SMALL GRANTS STORIES : El Handassa Electric Sfax

COVID-19 Response / Articles / 17-05-2022

If people knew all the things you could do with electrical wiring, I'm sure they would not throw it away anymore! 

This waste, which many people discard, literally saved my business and the jobs of my 19 employees.  
When COVID-19 began, we were forced to shut down due to government-imposed health restrictions. When we started up again, we lost many of our customers who had been hit hard by the crisis. At that point, we found ourselves with just our team, a bunch of machines, electrical wiring waste, and no orders. We started to recycle the surplus electrical cables, hoping to sell them by separating the plastic from the copper inside. We exported the copper and sold the insulated plastic to injection molding companies. The operation was so profitable that we made it an integral part of our business. A grant by USAID Tunisia JOBS, through the COVID-19 Enterprise Recovery Fund, helped us invest in the necessary machinery to develop this new business.  

Moneem Safar - El Handassa Electric Sfax 

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