BMA Equipment :Helping an industrial company in Zarzis increase high-value exports

COVID-19 Response / Articles / 03-01-2022

JOBS’ support for BMA Equipment, an industrial company in Zarzis Park that manufactures professional kitchen furnishing, is helping it export more lucrative products to France and supporting local employment. Founded in 2019, BMA designs, manufactures, and distributes ventilation equipment and custom-made refrigeration units for restaurants and professional kitchens. Its main clients are caterers and fast-food businesses in France, and most of its employees are local youth who it directly recruited and trained.

BMA Equipment production plant

Currently, BMA’s products are semi-finished and must be assembled and finished overseas. The company’s goal, however, is to export custom-made finished products, which are more lucrative and in higher demand. To make this jump, BMA must receive a European health and safety certification, which is costly and time-consuming for the young company. It planned to begin this process in 2020, but was set back by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which drained much of its working capital.

JOBS is helping the company implement European health and safety standards (CE Marking) for its ventilator hoods and refrigeration units, enabling it to export these finished products to France. In addition, JOBS awarded the company a grant to purchase a laser cutting machine that will be used to customize its ventilator hoods and develop a new range of high-quality kitchen products. As a result, BMA will be able to increase sales, sustain its 20 employees, and create 10 new jobs for local youth.

“The new machine will allow us to work faster and with more precision, which will improve the quality and finishing of our products. As a qualified operator, I am very pleased to work in good conditions and with high-end equipment.”

Fadhel Ammar – Technical Operator

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