ASP International: Helping a seafood processing company expand overseas

Assistance to enterprises / Articles / 21-09-2022

ASP International is a seafood processing company that sells frozen products, such as shrimp, cuttlefish, crab, octopus, and squid. It supplies seafood to local businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, and exports to many European buyers.


The company was founded by Mustapha Chtioui, a 32-year-old entrepreneur with extensive experience in the seafood industry and a university degree from France in marketing and international trade.

Under Chtioui’s leadership, the company quickly grew, developing strong sales, good relationships with major wholesalers in the industry, and a solid reputation for high-quality products.

To expand sales in export markets and begin selling directly to retailers, ASP needed to implement a food safety management system and international food safety standards. JOBS’ technical assistance is helping the company attain these certifications, opening the door to at least 150 new retailers and buyers in the United States. 


To fill larger orders, ASP also needed to expand its cold storage space with a new freezing tunnel. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, its sales dropped significantly, so it did not have the funds to finance this equipment.


Tunisia JOBS awarded ASP a grant under its COVID-19 Enterprise Recovery Fund to purchase a new tunnel freezer, enabling it to increase its production and storage capacity.



ASP International

Tunisia JOBS’ support helped me recover and opened up new opportunities at home and overseas.”
Mustapha Chtioui
CEO – ASP International 



ASP International

“Tunisia JOBS’ technical assistance helped us boost our production capacity by two times, or even more, in a very short period of time.”                     

Lamia Chouchene; Chain Production Supervisor – ASP International 

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