Réponse face au COVID-19 / Articles / 27-02-2023

SMSA Al Baraka is an agricultural cooperative that helps farmers collect, distribute, and market dates from the region of Jemna, Kebili, which are known for their high quality. Over the years, we have developed our activities by relying on the skills and expertise of 136 local farmers affiliated with our cooperative.

To improve our financial status and help members access affordable animal feed, which is increasingly scarce due to drought, we began an animal-feed distribution activity a few years ago. This required us to invest in a plot of land to build a storage depot for the animal feed. Unfortunately, our plans were slowed down by the COVID-19 pandemic and a pest epidemic that hit our farmers' plantations, causing their yield to dramatically decrease.

The COVID-19 Enterprise Recovery Fund established by the US government as part of its USAID Tunisia JOBS program helped us sustain operations and the jobs of our three employees. Today, our activities have fully recovered and we are planning to begin building our warehouse.

Ali Hamza, Chairman of SMSA Al Baraka’s Board of Directors

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