SMALL GRANTS STORIES : Najeh Engineering and Construction

COVID-19 Response / Articles / 06-04-2022

In 2016, my husband and I formed the company, and bought new machines to add to ones he already had. Passionate about manufacturing and entrepreneurship, I began looking for funds to expand the business. I took care of the commercial side, and we focused our business on repairing fishing boats. This sector is dominated by men, but my know-how and understanding of the products impressed our business partners. My husband and I used our complementary skills to build the business and develop a strong client portfolio.  

The COVID-19 Enterprise Recovery Fund, established by the US government as part of the Tunisia JOBS program, helped me train two new employees and invest in a machine that will allow me to break into the waste management sector. 

Amel el Ouerghemi Najeh - Co-founder, Najeh Engineering and Construction  
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