Helping Tunisian microenterprises recover from the pandemic

USAID Tunisia JOBS is partnering with leading microfinance institutions Baobab Tunisie and Advans Tunisie to provide financial solutions for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Baobab and Advans have undertaken different approaches to design and implement working capital loans, which allowed to mobilize +100 million TND in funding for 16,445 micro and small enterprises throughout Tunisia. 38% of grant beneficiaries are women-owned and employing women companies, and 35% are owned by youth.

Press Release VEM

USAID Tunisia JOBS joins Voix de l'Enfant Monastir to support the empowerment of 100 women in precarious situations.

The association Voix de l'Enfant Monastir and USAID Tunisia JOBS are launching an empowerment program for 100 women in economically and socially precarious conditions to facilitate their socio-professional reintegration and supporting their financial autonomy. 

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Dasri Sterile Al-Jazeera Interview

To support its partners in response to the Covid-19 crisis, the U.S.G trhough its program USAID Tunisia JOBS program is mobilizing a first wave of grants for equipment acquisition and working capital financing. The first grant is approved to Dasri Stérile, a company specialized in the treatment and disposal of hazardous medical waste located in ElKrib in the governorate of Siliana. 

VEM - Watania 1 Interview

The collaboration between the association Voix de l'Enfant Monastir and USAID Tunisia JOBS also includes the development of a point of sale in Monastir to promote the products made by the women trained during the workshops but also the acquisition of equipment for the workshops and the point of sale.

Bizgreentext - success story

When I was younger, I worked in a textile company. I saw the volume of waste that this sector generates and I was convinced that there was a solution to reduce the impact of these residues on the environment and to make money from them. Due to the economic crisis, I found myself jobless but more determined than ever to create my own recycling business. So I took the jump in 2018 by involving my 7 brothers and sisters with me, and since then, the project was no longer a dream but a family affair.