La Savonnerie de Carthage

Assistance to enterprises / Articles / 07-10-2022

Tunisia JOBS’ support for cosmetics manufacturer "La Savonnerie de Carthage" helped it optimize production costs to grow more competitive. 

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Founded in 2010, La Savonnerie de Carthage is the cosmetic manufacturing unit of CHO Group, a Tunisian organic olive oil producer.  La Savonnerie offers a wide range of cosmetics, such as soap, shower gel, and shampoo.  

La Savonnerie had opportunities to reach new international buyers and secure larger orders at home if it could offer more competitive prices. However, its main raw material – palm stearin (a component of palm oil) -- was growing more expensive and driving up the price of its products.

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To help the company cut down on this cost, Tunisia JOBS provided technical assistance to optimize its product formulas, thus reducing its use of palm stearin by 20% and incorporating more affordable olive oil.

La Savonnerie, meanwhile, invested in new equipment to quickly mix and dry its new product formulas, enabling it to quickly provide clients with better-priced cosmetic products. 


As a result of JOBS’ assistance, La Savonnerie increased its revenue by 80% and created 66 new jobs. 



“With the technical assistance of Tunisia JOBS, we are successfully transforming our production process and eliminating palm stearin as a primary raw material for soap production."  

Mourad Jrad

General Director – La Savonnerie de Carthage




“The use of olive oil instead of palm stearin has improved our production process and made the product more competitive.”  

Marai Ben Mabrouk

Production and Maintenance Manager – La Savonnerie de Carthage


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