Tunisia JOBS

          This call for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) is made by Chemonics International in the context of implementing the USAID Tunisia JOBS project. It does not represent a commitment to fund any applicant, or any activity described herein.

          April 15, 2021

          The USAID Jobs, Opportunities & Business Success (Tunisia JOBS) project is requesting Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from crowdfunding platforms and entrepreneurs interested in partnering with Tunisia JOBS to develop their crowdfunding platform, deal flow, and scale their business model and expand their outreach. While Tunisia JOBS’ support is to be defined, the project can offer high-quality local and international technical assistance (TA), access to finance, as well as support in policy and regulatory areas to potential partners.


          Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from many people, typically via the Internet. The crowdfunding model generally interdependently operates around three types of actors:

              Initiators - are the individuals or organizations who propose innovative projects that require funding.
              Supporters or financiers – are the individuals or organizations who support innovative projects by providing funds.
              Platforms – are the organizations that facilitate the transfer of funds from project supporters to project initiators.

          There are 3 main types of crowdfunding models: Donation -based, Equity-based and Debt-based:

          Donation-based crowdfunding: Donation-based crowdfunding is a way to source money for a project by asking a large number of people to donate individually, with no expected financial return. Supporters may receive token rewards that increase in value as the size of the donation increases.

          Equity crowdfunding: Equity crowdfunding is the collective effort of supporters to fund companies or organizations through an equity investment. In return, the supporters receive a percentage of ownership in the company based on their contribution.
          Debt-based crowdfunding: It is a crowdfunding method where supporters co-finance projects by lending money in the form of loans to project initiators in return for interests.

          In Tunisia, crowdfunding is regulated by the law 2020-37 issued on August 6th, 2020. The law regulates three types of crowdfunding, with the Central Bank regulating crowdlending, Financial Authority regulating crowdequity, and Microfinance Authority regulating donation-based crowdfunding.

          While waiting for the decrees to be issued, Tunisia JOBS wishes to identify partner(s) to implement digital crowd-funding platforms, especially in each area, i.e., donation, equity, and debt-based crowdfunding.

          Expressions of Interest Format

          Expressions of interest should be submitted to Tunisia JOBS in a format consisting of:

          1. Basic information on the organization or business, including:   
                  a. Name of organization
                  b. Web URL (if available)
                  c. Contact information
                  d. Head office location

          2. A Concept Note describing the organization’s interest in crowdfunding and its objectives. This section must not exceed three pages. The Concept Note should cover the    following topics/issues:
                  •     A brief (one-two paragraphs) description of the organization
                  •     Experience to date in building a crowdfunding model
                  •     Why are you interested to develop a crowdfunding platform?
                  •     What type of crowdfunding?
                  •     What type of business model?
                  •     Who are the target beneficiaries? (e.g., microenterprises, technology and other start-ups, support for women and youth initiatives, etc.)
                  •     What type of assistance you need? Technical assistance could cover several areas including digital marketing, growth hacking and community management         to                            develop a portfolio of entrepreneurs, as well as investor development strategy to onboard investors and business angels on the platform and develop         partnerships               with investor associations.

          Tunisia JOBS will review submitted concept notes and, based on their merit, engage selected organizations in further discussions. We will consider EOIs from Tunisian and international organizations. However, JOBS will support only crowdfunding initiatives benefiting Tunisians and Tunisian organizations exclusively.

          Expressions of Interest Submission Instructions

          If you believe that your institution qualifies for this program, and it would benefit from the type of technical assistance that the Tunisia JOBS project provides, you are encouraged to submit an EOI.

          Responses to this EOI should be sent to crowdfunding@tunisiajobs.org no later than April 30, 2021 at 17:00 local Tunis time.

          No phone calls, please. We look forward to hearing from you.